Jason Farr, Marquette University | Newberry

Jason Farr, Marquette University

Saturday, February 27, 2021

1-3 pm CST

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Eighteenth-Century Seminar

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“Deafness and Sensibility,” Jason Farr, Marquette University

In 1760, an educator named Thomas Braidwood established Britain’s first school for the deaf in Edinburgh. Braidwood’s academy was the culmination of philosophical debates about deafness that had been circulating for over a century. With these contexts in mind, “Deafness and Sensibility” will bring together insights from disability/queer studies, the history of medicine, and sound studies to examine how the deaf domains of gesture, auditory variability, and resonance–a key Enlightenment concept concerning vibration and relationality–helped to shape the literature and culture of British sensibility. My principal objective in this talk is to survey disabled and queer forms of eighteenth-century sociability that still resonate today.

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This event is free, but all participants must register in advance and space is limited. To register email scholarlyseminars@newberry.org. Please do not request a paper unless you plan to attend. This event will be captioned.