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2006 Cervantes Symposium

Howard Mancing, Purdue University

Howard Mancing, Purdue University

Saturday, April 22, 2006
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Cervantes Symposium

Making Real What History Forgot: Don Quixote, Part 2
Nina Davis, Washington University in St. Louis

Dissing the Duchess: Don Quixote and the Crisis of the Aristocracy
Anne Cruz, University of Miami

Function/Dysfunction: Familial Representations in Don Quixote
Carolyn Nadeau, Illinois Wesleyan University

Os Manchiadas
Bruce Burningham, Illinois State University

From Mayans to Mary Shelley: Cervantes’ Early Biographers
Darcy Donahue, Miami University

Cervantes’ Creative Cognition: "Todo puede ser"
Catherine Connor, University of Vermont

Compassion in Cervantes
Ellen Anderson, York University

The Poetics of Anagnorisis
Steve Hutchinson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Keynote address:

Don Quixote on Screen
Howard Mancing, Purdue University

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