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2005 Cervantes Symposium

Carlos Alvar, Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid

Carlos Alvar, Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid

Saturday, April 23, 2005
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Cervantes Symposium

El Quixote: un arte de sentir y gustar
Dominique de Courcelles, Collège Internationale de Philosophie, Paris

The Presence of Leone Ebreo’s Philosophy of Love in Cervantes
Armando Maggi, University of Chicago

Queen Caroline’s Merlin Grotto and the 1738 Lord Carteret Edition of Don Quixote
Amanda Meixell, Susquehanna University

Performing Identities in Don Quixote and Being John Malkovitch
Christopher Weimer, Oklahoma State University

Tweaking the Saints’ Tales in Don Quixote
Patricia Grieve, Columbia University

Women and Poverty in Don Quixote: The Case of Aldonza Lorezo and Teresa Panza
Rosie Hernández-Pecoraro, University of Illinois at Chicago

Desperate Shepherdesses: Cervantes’ La Galatea and the Portrayal of (Desperate) Women in the Pastoral
Benjamin Nelson, University of Chicago
(now at University of South Carolina Beaufort)

The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly on the Barber’s Basin
Sherry Velasco, University of Kentucky
(now at University of Southern California)

Labyrinthine Fictions: The Madness and Folly of Imitation in Sierra Morena
Horacio Chiong Rivero, University of Chicago

Keynote address:

El Quixote traducido
Carlos Alvar, Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid

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