RESCHEDULED: Lisa Pon, Southern Methodist University and Simone Zurawski, DePaul University | Newberry

RESCHEDULED: Lisa Pon, Southern Methodist University and Simone Zurawski, DePaul University

Friday, June 1, 2018


Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Seminar in European Art

The Plague on Paper in Early Modern Venice and Beyond

Lisa Pon, Southern Methodist University

Early modern Venice was just one of the many cities that suffered devastating and recurring outbreaks of plague between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. Yet Venice was particularly vulnerable: with few natural resources beyond its beautiful and strategic location, it had developed an economy based on trade that necessitated a constant traffic of people and merchandise to and from potentially plague- ridden lands. This seminar explores the early modern plague on paper by considering Venetian material from libraries and archives in Venice in the context of manuscript and printed documents from across early modern Europe and the Mediterranean world.

Architecture & Urban Development in the Reign of Louis XIV Reconsidered: Paris in the Aftermath of the Fronde

Simone Zurawski, DePaul University

Porte Saint-Denis raised by François Blondel (1672) embodies Classicism in the reign of Louis XIV. Of heightened interest, besides, is the site; long occupied by the Medieval gateway, Blondel’s replacement served to connect Paris physically - and symbolically - to the royal abbey & necropolis in Saint Denis. This place seized fresh attention because it had sheltered the terrified boy-king in the Fronde; and the riveting narrative, with its triumphant outcome, emerges in Michel Félibien’s Histoire de l’abbaye royal de Saint-Denis …. (1706). Blondel’s monument, in sum, tied a wealth of personal imagery, all previously overlooked, into its body of imperial allegory.

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This scholarly program is free and open to all. The format is not a lecture, but discussion of precirculated papers. To request a copy of the papers, please email Mary N. Kennedy at