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1980 Summer Institute in the French Archival Sciences

Bernard Barbiche, École Nationale des Chartes, Paris

Bernard Barbiche, École Nationale des Chartes, Paris

Monday, June 23, 1980Friday, August 15, 1980
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Directed by Bernard Barbiche, École Nationale des Chartes, Paris.

The Center for Renaissance Studies’ Summer Institutes in the Archival Sciences, as presented in the NEH grant proposal, were modeled after the Ecole Nationale des Chartes in Paris. Thus it was deemed appropriate that the first such institute be dedicated to the French Renaissance and that its director be a professor at that institution. The invitation was extended to and accepted by Professor Barbiche, the scholar at the Ecole principally responsible for the study of the institutions and documents of early modern France.

The institute consisted of two parts. Paleographic exercises based on photographic reproductions provided instruction in the techniques of reading scripts ranging from Gothic book hands of the late fifteenth century to the exceedingly difficult notarial hands of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The second element comprised a series of formal lectures on the documents of the French monarchy, a condensed version of the course given to students of the Ecole des Chartes in their second and third years of study. These lectures complemented the paleographic exercised by surveying the juridical and administrative institutions of the French monarchy from 1500 to 1789, focusing on the various genres of documents it produced and the systems in which these documents were organized before the Revolution.

Attention was also given to the modern disposition of these materials in the Archives Nationales in Paris and in departmental archives throughout France. The course included presentation of the instruments of research, including the catalogues, bibliographies, and guides indispensable to successful exploitation of the unpublished manuscript sources required in historical and literary research. Professor Barbiche devoted special sessions to the standards developed by the Ecoles des Chartes for transcribing early modern manuscripts and to the problems of editing literary texts of the sixteenth century.

A program of adjunct lectures on the Archival Sciences supplemented the major themes of the institute:

Monday, June 30: L’état present des recherches d’histoire du livre en France
Henri-Jean Martin, Ecole Nationale des Chartes

Thursday, July 10: Problems of a Critical Edition of Montaigne
Donald Frame, Columbia University, emeritus

Friday, July 11: Pleasures and Problems of Translation
Donald Frame, Columbia University, emeritus

Tuesday, July 15: Orderly and Disorderly Notes from Swiss Archives
William Monter, Northwestern University

Monday, July 21, and Tuesday, July 22: The Editing of Sixteenth-Century Juristic Texts
Ralph Giesey, University of Iowa

Thursday, July 24: Cartographic Sources for the History of France
David Buisseret, University of the West Indies, Jamaica (now professor emeritus, University of Texas at Austin)

Monday, July 28, and Tuesday, July 29: Editing French Political Tracts
Robert Kingdon, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Monday, August 4: French Orthography of the Renaissance
Norman Spector, Northwestern University

Monday, August 11: French Syntax of the Renaissance
Norman Spector, Northwestern University

Wednesday, August 13: Cataloging Renaissance Manuscripts
Paul Saenger, Northwestern University and the Newberry Library

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