The Albizzi Memorial Book: Building A Digital Edition | Newberry

The Albizzi Memorial Book: Building A Digital Edition

Albizzi Memorial Book, Newberry Library, VAULT oversize Case MS 27

A Newberry Colloquium
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

4 PM

Towner Fellows’ Lounge

Isabella Magni, Newberry Library
Open to the Public
Newberry Colloquium

Between 1339 and 1360, Pepo degli Albizzi kept a ledger and memorial book (VAULT oversize Case MS 27) recording business affairs, accounts of events, personal and family matters, including details of his three weddings, a list of his legitimate (and illegitimate) children and a register of family members who died in 1348 by the black death. One of the most powerful families of premodern Florence, the Albizzi were active members of the wool guild, most prosperous between the 1200-1550. In this colloquium Isabella will present the initial stages of building a digital edition of Pepo’s book. Come learn Pepo’s most intimate secrets!