Graduate Seminar: Sandra L. Hindman | Newberry

Graduate Seminar: Sandra L. Hindman

Sandra L. Hindman, Northwestern University (Emerita)

Sandra L. Hindman, Northwestern University (Emerita)

Saturday, September 1, 2001
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

Late Medieval and Manuscripts and Early Printed Books: A Workshop

Sandra L. Hindman, Northwestern University (Emerita)

Drawing on the rich resources of Special Collections in the Newberry Library, this course will investigate primary evidence on the conditions of making, illustrating, and reading books produced from about 1350 to 1550.  Following the first two weeks, which are structured entirely as lectures, each week is divided between a lecture on a special topic, in which books from Special Collections serve to illustrate points raised in the lecture, and a workshop, in which each student works under the supervision of the professor on a research topic focusing on a book, or group of books, from the collections. Topics of the lectures include: an overview of problems of late medieval illuminated manuscripts, followed by an overview of problems of early printing, codicology and methods of description, Books of Hours and the laity, music manuscripts and the Church liturgy, medieval universities and book production and use, Renaissance calligraphy manuals, single leaves and cuttings, Gutenberg and early Mainz imprints, and bindings. The course will provide participants with the unique evidence that can be gleaned from each book when it is studied as a social and cultural artifact.

Participants: Ellis van den Boogaard, Northwestern University; Laura Bruck, Northwestern University; Touba Ghadessi, Northwestern University; Rebecca Glenn, Northwestern University; Shawn Herlihy, Western Michigan University; George Hoffmann, University of Michigan; Annette Kade, Newberry Fellow; Marianne Lambelet, Northwestern University; Bonnie Mak, University of Notre Dame; Joseph Maurey, Univesity of Chicago; carmen Niekrasz, Northwestern University; Janeen Traen, Northwestern University

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