Graduate Seminar: Julius Kirshner | Newberry

Graduate Seminar: Julius Kirshner

Thursday, September 23, 1993Thursday, December 2, 1993
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

Roman Civil and Canon Law, 1050-1500

Julius Kirshner, University of Chicago, Emeritus

The seminar was not intended for specialists in medieval legal history; its goal was to introduce both students and scholars from diverse fields to the fundamental methods, topics and historiography of Roman civil and canon law in Italy and southern France in the Middle Ages.  Topics included the construction of the Corpus juris civilis, and its counterpart, the Corpus juris canonici; the methods developed by the glossators and commentators to read and teach these texts; property ; civil and criminal procedure and proof; cities, princes, and the emperor; citizenship and banishment; statutes and conflict of laws; families; marriage and women’s property; sexuality; the art and role of notaries; authority and the role of jurists; and the Jews between theory and practice.  Although all the required readings were in English, members of the seminar who wished to take the course for seminar credit were required to write a substantial research paper, in which they used works written in at least one of the following languages: Latin, Italian, French or German.  Those with a knowlege of Latin were encouraged to use the early printed editions of juristic works at the Newberry.

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