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Graduate Seminar: Barbara Rosenwein

Barbara Rosenwein, Loyola University Chicago

Barbara Rosenwein, Loyola University Chicago

Friday, September 25, 2009Friday, December 11, 2009
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

Emotions in History, c. 600-c. 1700

Barbara Rosenwein, Loyola University Chicago

Like all things human emotions have a history, but their history has not often been traced. Since everyone has his or her own notion of emotion, students were introduced early on to current psychological theories and definitions. They then explored old and new narratives of emotions’ history. Participants will gather their own dossiers of sources to do independent research in various areas of the history of emotions.  These projects will be presented orally and written up as final seminar papers.

Participants: Alexandra Bennett, Northern Illinois University; Noah Blan, Northern Illinois University; Andrew Boziio, University of Michigan; Kathryn Coldirono, Loyola University Chicago; Thomas Greene, Loyola University Chicago; Georgia Leeper, Washington University; Maria Angeles Martin-Romera, University of Chicago; John W. McCormack, University of Notre Dame; Amy Oberlin, Loyala University Chicago; Laurie perlini, University of Illinois at Chicago; Kaitlin Pontzer, Loyola University Chicago; Stephanie Ridella, Loyola University Chicago; and Maria Wagner, Loyola University Chicago.

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