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Graduate Seminar: Lucy Pick

Lucy Pick, University of Chicago

Lucy Pick, University of Chicago

Friday, October 3, 2008Friday, December 12, 2008
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

Gender, Power, and Religion in Medieval Europe, 800-1100

Lucy Pick, University of Chicago

This course examined the intersection of religious and secular power and the way these were reflected in and shaped by the gender systems of early medieval Europe. Topics studied included include Kantorowicz’s notion of “the king’s two bodies,” royal men and women, women and memorial culture, lineage and gender, marriage, and monastic culture.
We examined the Carolingian world and its aftermath, Ottonian Germany, Anglo-Saxon England, Hungary, and the early Spanish kingdoms. The course also provided an opportunity for students to gain experience working with documentary sources: transcribing them, reading them, and interpreting them.

Participants: Cameron Bradley, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; rebecca Bramlett, University of Chicago; Torsten Edstam, University of Chicago; Christopher Fletcher, University of Chicago; Lynn B.E. Jencks, Northwestern University; Kristi L Keuhn, Northwestern University; John McCluskey, University of Chicago; Celeste McNamara, Northwestern University; Amy Oberlin, Loyola University Chicago; Johna Leigh Sturgeon, Northwestern University; Lydia Walker, Western Michigan University; Melissa Vise, Northwestern University.

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