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Graduate Seminars: Barry Wind

Friday, October 4, 1985Friday, December 13, 1985
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

Visions of Everyday Life: Naturalism and Metaphor in Seventeenth-Century Genre Painting

Barry Wind, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Through close analysis of selected genre paintings by Velazquez, Murillo, and Le Nain, participants in this course tested the hypothesis that seventeenth-century images of everyday life in genre painting were often informed by rich emblematic and literary content.  Particular emphasis was placed on paintings which suggested the harmony of family life, such as Le Nain’s Peasant Meal (Louvre) or Murillo’s Old Woman and Boy (Munich).  The relationship of these images to literature, proverbial phrases, and emblems were thoroughly investigated.  In the first part of the course, there were directed readings and discussion concerning the iconography of genre painting.  In the latter part students directed readings to their papers on paintings by the  masters to be studied.

Participants: Wiley Feinstein, Loyola University Chicago; Elizabeth Lipton, University of Illinois at Chicago; Maria Marini Nebel, University of Illinois at Chicago; Agnes Shortino, independent scholar; Dominic Shortino, independent scholar; Frank Spink, University of Illinois at Chicago; John Spizziri, University of Illinois at Chicago; Eric Tucker, University of Illinois at Chicago; Patti Vilches, University of Illinois at Chicago.

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