Graduate Seminar: Charles Radding | Newberry

Graduate Seminar: Charles Radding

Wednesday, October 7, 1987Wednesday, December 9, 1987
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

The Formation of the First Universities: Paris and Bologna 1000 - 1230

Charles Radding, Loyola University Chicago

currently teaching at Michigan State University

The two great educational centers of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, Paris and Bologna, became the sites of Europe’s first universities by the thirteenth century.  This course studied the intellectual history of this period by focusing on these centers and the development of their universities.  Topics of special interest in the course included: the development of analytical methods in philosophy and theology and in legal service; the invention of scholarly tools such as glosses; the character of teaching in the eleventh- and twelfth-century schools; the formation of the universities as institutions; and the influence of the shcools of Paris and Bologna on European society and culture. 

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