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Graduate Seminar: Antonio C. Mastrobuono

Wednesday, October 9, 1985Wednesday, December 11, 1985
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

Dante and His World

Antonio C. Mastrobuono,University of Illinois at Chicago

This seminar presented Dante and his works in their historical context, thus providing new insights into the Dante Opera, as well as illuminating the intellectual life of thirteenth-century Italy.  After considering Dante’s place in the history of ideas, the class concentrated on Dante’s artistic and intellectual development, tracing key concepts through all of his works.  Participants began with the minor works, Convivio and Monarchia; consider the Vita Nuova as a unique preparation for the vision of the world beyond expressed in the Commedia; and conclude with the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso.

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