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How /Hamlet/ Works

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
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/Hamlet/’s impact has led one famous critic to credit its protagonist with “the invention of the human,” his psychological depths and existential struggles a model that decisively impacts all subsequent literary creation. Margreta de Grazia, with more restraint, writes that “Hamlet remains perennially in the critical forefront as new (and newer still) explanations emerge to account for his singular interiority.”  This seminar will inquire into how this singular interiority is produced.  Seminar participants will ask, How does this play lead readers and audiences to endlessly “account” for Hamlet’s problems, desires, and motives?  In the readings and discussion participants will look closely at some key scenes in order to shift our attention from figuring out Hamlet to figuring out how /Hamlet/ works.

Seminar led by Bradley Greenburg, Northeastern Illinois University