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Flipping the World History Survey Upside Down

Thursday, October 22, 2015

9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Led by Warren Schultz, DePaul University
Full, wait list available
Newberry Teachers' Consortium

The World History survey poses challenges to both teacher and student. Among them are How does one choose topics from such a massive range and given such a limited amount of time? and What frameworks are available to students via which they can process the vast amount of information they encounter? There are no magic answers to these questions, but anyone who has taught this survey has likely developed their own strategies to address them. This seminar explores one such strategy—that of looking at 10,000 years of human history through the prism of a single location. Many such locations could serve as the centerpiece of such an approach, but in this seminar we will use the land-region now contained within the borders of the modern state of Jordan. If we understand the name Jordan to be synonymous with this modern country, then we cannot use that term prior to the twentieth century. Yet within these borders, early humans domesticated plants, Bronze Age societies built megalithic burial structures, the Hellenistic Greeks and later the empire-building Romans built cities and commercial empires, the Byzantine Christians built churches and monasteries to commemorate the major events and people of early Christianity, the first Muslims conquered and brought Arab-Islamic culture, the Crusaders built castles to defend their Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Ottomans incorporated its resources into their large empire, and the modern currents of nationalism—whether based in currents of Jewish, Arab, or Muslim thought—buffeted the region in the twentieth century. While this approach cannot entirely replace the standard narrative survey, it offers a useful capstone activity to help the student pull it all together.

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