TAS: Teaching American Indian History and Culture: Challenges and Strategies | Newberry

TAS: Teaching American Indian History and Culture: Challenges and Strategies

Tuesday, November 1, 2011Wednesday, November 2, 2011

9 am - 3 pm

Towner Fellows Lounge (Nov 1) and Room B92 (Nov 2)

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This Teachers as Scholars seminar will examine how we might effectively include lessons on American Indian history and culture by starting with local history and branching out. We will attend to American Indian cultures as they were before European colonialism and after. The seminar will begin by examining some of the challenges of teaching American Indian history and then move to a discussion of several articles which address these concerns. Topics will include the diversity of Indian peoples, stereotypes, the persistence of Indian communities, urban Indian experiences, and cultural contributions. Also, this fall the Newberry will launch its interactive website, “Indians of the Midwest,” which will provide a wide array of information, thematically organized, concerning the history of Native peoples in the Great Lakes region of the Midwest. We will have an opportunity to work with the “Indians of the Midwest” site and consider possible uses for it in the classroom. Finally, we will look ahead to strategies for acknowledging the place of Native Americans in American culture overall. The goal will be to discuss how we might best incorporate these materials into current curricula and individual activities.

Seminar led by Scott Manning Stevens, Newberry Library

Teachers as Scholars is a program exclusively for Chicago Public Schools teachers.

To access the seminar readings: http://publications.newberry.org/teacherdocs/tas

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