Home Front: Daily Life in the Civil War North | Newberry

Home Front: Daily Life in the Civil War North

Friday, November 15, 2013

9 am to 3 pm

Dr. Daniel Greene, The Newberry and Dr. PJ Brownlee, Terra Foundation for American Art
Chicago Teachers as Scholars

The Civil War occupies a prominent place in our national collective memory. The war is often portrayed as a battle over the future of slavery, often focusing on Lincoln’s determination to save the Union, or highlighting the brutality of brother fighting against brother. Bull Run, Antietam, and Gettysburg conjure up images of desolate landscapes strewn with war dead. Yet the frontlines were not the only landscapes of the war. Countless civilians saw their daily lives upended by the war. This course will explore the connections between Civil War home fronts and battle fronts, revealing how those who were far removed from the battlefields felt the war’s impact every day. The Newberry, in cooperation with the Terra Foundation of American Art, has mounted a new exhibition on the Civil War home front. Together, we will tour the exhibition and discuss readings from a new collection of essays that accompanies it.

The program is made possible through support from the Terra Foundation for American Art.

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Registration will open September 12, 2013.

For registration information, please contact Charlotte Wolfe Ross at wolfec@newberry.org