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Jonathan Lamb, Scorbutic Nostalgia

Jonathan Lamb, Vanderbilt University

Jonathan Lamb, Vanderbilt University

Saturday, November 16, 2013

1:30 pm

Towner Fellows Lounge

Jonathan Lamb, Vanderbilt University
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Eighteenth-Century Seminar

Nostalgia at sea, sometimes called calenture, is a desire to return home so powerful that the victim is overwhelmed by hallucinations of pastoral landscapes into which s/he leaps, with fatal results. In cases of scurvy, this kind of nostalgia was common, often accompanied by vivid mirages of food, water, or home that caused the victim to weep when they proved impossible to reach or consume. This paper explores the connections between these two kinds of nostalgia, and asks what relation to history or memory they exhibit, or whether perhaps they are not the result of a morbid excitement of the nerves and the imagination.

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