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Climate Change and Water Crisis

Monday, November 17, 2008Tuesday, November 18, 2008
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Planet earth has been experiencing increasing environmental assault from adverse human activities. The consequences of these hazards are already at a critical mass, but if left unchecked, the continual assault on the environment will produce a point of no return. In short, global environmental change will be our main challenge of the twenty-first century. In that spirit, we will examine the main components of global environmental changes, their causes and consequences. More specifically, we will focus on carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas and chronic anthropogenic nitrogen deposition with an emphasis on their impact on human and ecosystem communities. The consequences of global environmental changes on fresh water, air and soil quality which pose a great hazard to public health and the environmental integrity and potential strategies to address water depletion and water pollution problems will also be discussed. Seminar sponsored by People’s Energy.

Seminar led by Homoroz BassiriRad, University of Illinois at Chicago and Krishna Reddy, University of Illinois at Chicago