Suzanne Karr Schmidt, The Art Institute of Chicago | Newberry

Suzanne Karr Schmidt, The Art Institute of Chicago

Suzanne Karr Schmidt

Suzanne Karr Schmidt

Friday, November 20, 2015

2 to 5pm

Room 2-West, The Newberry Library

Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Seminar in European Art

Anatomy of Reformation: Nosce Antichristum

​Suzanne Karr Schmidt, The Art Institute of Chicago

This chapter from Karr Schmidt’s book manuscript, Interactive and Sculptural Printmaking in the Renaissance , compares the technical and political interconnections of the Early Modern flap anatomy and the interactive Protestant propaganda broadsheet, particularly focusing on the broad influence and wide dissemination of the Strasbourg printmaker Heinrich Vogtherr’s flap anatomies through copies. With the simple addition of printed flaps, any viewer could grasp the idea that the masks of religious hypocrisy could be lifted as easily as human skin to reveal the Antichrist lurking below.

Winter/Spring 2016 Call for Proposals

Submission Deadline: November 15

The Newberry Library is pleased to announce the inauguration of a new seminar focused on the history of European Art, from its origins through the nineteenth century. This seminar will provide a forum in Chicago for presenting current research, as well as a venue to bring together a diverse community of art historians for intellectual exchange, collegial conversation, and debate.

We seek proposals for two spring sessions, to be held on March 4 and April 29. To submit a proposal, please visit this page. Download a CFP flyer to post and distribute.

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This scholarly program is free and open to the public. To request a copy of the paper, please email Mary N. Kennedy at Please do not request a paper unless you plan to attend.