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Mikhail Bulgakov: Early Satire and The Master and Margarita

Led by Julia Kriventsova Denne.
Saturday, September 25, 2021
Eight sessions. Saturdays, September 25-November 13.



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Seminar Description

During his lifetime, Mikhail Bulgakov, who defiantly stood up for the integrity of art and personal independence, was hardly published. Indeed, his masterpiece The Master and Margarita–a poignant blend of exuberant comedy and romance, interweaving stories about the devil’s visit to Moscow and an encounter between Jesus Christ and Pontius Pilate–was written in great secrecy in Moscow in the 1930s, then hidden for decades and only published in 1967. In this course, we will focus on a close analysis of Bulgakov’s novel, as well as his shorter satirical work, supplementing our discussion with background and contextual information

Eight sessions. Registration – $280

Julia Kriventsova Denne studied literature at St. Petersburg University, Russia, and teaches courses in Russian and Soviet literature at institutions throughout the Chicago area.

Materials List


First Reading:

Please read Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Fatal Eggs for the first session

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