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Polemics on Nihilism

Led by Julia Kriventsova Denne
Saturday, February 26, 2022
Nine sessions. Saturdays, February 26-May 7. This seminar will not meet on March 19 and April 16.



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Seminar Description

Is Dostoevsky’s The Devils a grotesque caricature of the Russian nihilist movement in the 1860s? How does the demonic intrude into the novel’s nightmare vision of reality? How does J. M. Coetzee’s The Master of Petersburg broaden and deepen our understanding of The Devils? In this seminar, we will closely examine these two novels, focusing on narrative sophistication, psychological insight, and philosophical complexity. Readings will be supplemented by interactive and customized biographical, historical, cultural, and critical resources.

Nine sessions. Registration – $300/$270

Julia Kriventsova Denne studied literature at St. Petersburg University, Russia, and teaches Russian and Soviet literature in the Chicago area.

Materials List


  • Fyodor Dostoevsky,The Devils, (Oxford World’s Classics, 2008) ISBN: 978-0199540495;

  • J. M. Coetzee, The Master of Petersburg, (Penguin Books, 1995) ISBN: 978-0140238105

First Reading:

  • Please read two chapters of The Devils for the first meeting

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