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We’re always here to fuel your research, teaching, learning, and unmitigated curiosity about the past.

There are many ways to engage with our staff and collections wherever you are:

Browse, Study, and Remix our Digital Collections

Access some 2 million high-res images from our collection online. Under our open access policy, you can use these images for any scholarly, creative, or commercial endeavor.

Teach with Our Collections

The Newberry’s Digital Collections for the Classroom bundle together primary sources, contextual essays, and discussion questions on a variety of topics, from the Great Migration and the Mexican Revolution to the Reformation and Prohibition.

Transcribe Our Archives

Join our corps of online volunteers to help transcribe letters and diaries from our archival collections. These primary sources, written by everyday Americans from the 18th through 20th centuries, chronicle daily life as well as the local and national events that have upended it, like the Great Chicago Fire and US Civil War.

Catch Up on Past Programs

Watch lectures and discussions featuring scholars, poets, artists, journalists, dancers, and others putting the humanities into action today.