Blogs Emeritus | Newberry

Below are blogs that have been retired and are no longer updating.

Artifacts of Childhood: Children's Books at the Newberry
This blog celebrates the Newberry’s children’s book holdings which range from the Renaissance to the current day in many different languages and subjects. Future posts will explore the history of the collection, as well as individual books within it. Your comments are welcomed.
Center for Renaissance Studies Blog
Welcome to the blog for the Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies! We post about center programs; items in the Newberry collections of special interest to those involved in medieval, Renaissance, or early modern studies; and profiles of scholars coming to the Newberry to present talks or pursue their research in those areas of study. We welcome your comments.
Dear Walter
Dear Reader, Please send your Missives and Queries regarding the Newberry, the Humanities, or this season of Modern Existence generally construed. I shall have my intern-amanuensis, Henry, submit my Reply with a haste that would shame Atalanta. Sincerely yours, Walter L. Newberry
Newberry Institute for Research and Education News
The Newberry Institute for Research and Education brings together scholars, educators, students, and the public to engage questions in the humanities. Housed within the Newberry Institute are four research centers focused on collection strengths including the Renaissance, Native American and Indigenous Studies, the History of Cartography, and Chicago Studies. The Newberry Institute also nurtures communities of scholars through our fellowship programs, scholarly seminars, and two undergraduate seminars. We offer professional development for teachers, support curriculum through digital humanities projects, and conduct collection presentations with students. Finally, we produce free public programs and fee-based adult seminars on wide-ranging topics. Across the Newberry Institute's many programs, we collaborate with the Newberry's curators, librarians, digital teams, and other staff to integrate our work into the Newberry's broader mission of bringing the humanities to life.
Origins: The Blog of the Center for American History and Culture
Origins is a blog of the Newberry's Scholl Center, addressing topics that emerge out of the center's programs, workshops, and seminars.
Recent Acquisitions
Highlighting the books, manuscripts, and maps that entered the Newberry collection and strengthened and extended existing collecting strengths between 2004 and 2012. This blog has been retired, and its goal of highlighting new acquisitions has been integrated into our "Source Material" blog.
Teacher Programs Blog
News and information from the Newberry's teacher programs staff regarding program updates and offerings, classroom resources, and upcoming professional development opportunities for Chicago-area teachers offered through the Newberry or other local programs.
The Newberry at 125
This blog was dedicated to delivering updates and behind-the-scenes coverage of the Newberry’s 125th anniversary exhibition, The Newberry 125, as well as retrospective musings on the library’s historical beginnings and evolution.