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Caption Contest (Image Source: Compendium Maleficarum)

Winning caption: “Late fees are ten flaming lashes per day.” – Jo Nixon

Image source: Francesco Maria Guazzo’s Compendium Maleficarum, 1608.

Background information: Francesco Maria Guazzo had a reputation for being an expert exorcist and authority on witches and warlocks in the early modern period; He even purportedly healed some “bewitched” high-ranking European nobles like the Cardinal Charles of Lorraine and Bishop Eric of Verdun. He used these experiences as the basis for what he wrote in the Compendium Maleficarum. It went on to be considered one of the most trustworthy and definitive books about witchcraft in the seventeenth century, a time that saw the production of a number of such books, including one by James I.


"It's my autobiography, 'The Devil's Tale.'"
Damn. We picked up each others book by mistake!
"tip for tap" the middle English expression for tit for tat or a blow for a blow.
Read this and you won't feel so angry/
"I told you! The Devil is in the details!"
"They're exchanging their versions to see whose makes the most sense."
“Late fees are ten flaming lashes per day.”
The Devil, you say!
I'll trade you my copy of "Going Rogue" for your copy of "The Bridges of Madison County".
Oh, and could you sign this one "To Gary, from your pal, Lucifer"?
Big fan! If you don't mind. Make it out to my nephew Harvey.
What do you mean, You are repossessing wings?
“No, it says clearly ‘Thou shall not tell a lie. Not thou shall not sell a pie!’”
“no sir that is not a misprint - on our menu it is spelled Fillet of Soul”
The Devil Is Up At 8:30AM.
C’mon people! If you’re going to directly touch the engraving, there’s going to be hell to pay!
Social distancing schmistancing! Fuggitaboutit! You're doin' it right, in my book! CDC rules are for wusses!
“What part of ‘light bathroom reading’ did you not understand?”
George, the Devil does not wear Prada!
“Take a note from my book, demon. Perhaps a swap?”
Gee, why are you taking spelling errors so seriously?erdNf
Things got heated at the Beelzebub Book Club.
When you swap essays with the rich kid in class because his father is the CEO of Cheetos (your favorite snack).
Witch, please!
I'll show you mines, if you show me yours!
"No Faustus, those aren't books of necromancy. They are Lucifer's recipes for roast venison".
Woman (third from left): "I told you we should have listened to Dr. Fauci!!!" Man with beard (sighing to himself in thought balloon over his head): "It's always my fault."