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Caption Contest (Image Source: Teuerdank)

Winning caption: “Might be asymptomatic…Just keep him chained up and make sure he washes his paws.” – Rich Gage

Image source: Teuerdank. Maximilian I. Augsburg. 1517. Wing folio ZP 547 .S365


They say the tongue is detachable in these things.
Sorry, Fido, but there were no Kibbles at Scarborough Faire-just a lot of parsley,sage, rosemary, and thyme.
I thought the governor said it was okay to walk the dog>
Don't eat the messenger, but you definitely need a root canal.
Who has whose tongue now!
Got your cat’s tongue?
Sorry fella, but it's to the dentist for you
It's not the Caronia virus, it must be the Black Death.
We call him Joe Exotic!
Come on! I know my homework is in there.
“If it comes out we’ll tell ‘em the cat’s got yer tongue!”
"I have concluded from my examination that you have contracted some sort of virus."
I told him to drop it but he never does what I tell him.
Yes, of course I know he should be flossing. You try making him.
Ok, pretend like you’re checking my throat, but check out the poncho at 3 o’clock!
"Might be asymptomatic . . . just keep him chained up and make sure he washes his paws."
I tell you I had two rolls of toilet paper here ten seconds ago.
Dummkopf, I told you to untie, not tongue-tie him.
I said, "No barking at strangers."
Looks like he ate a live bat, sir
Hey all you cool cats and kittens!
Boris, I told you "kill the hog" not "pet the dog"
Sorry Sire, but access to the library is strictly controlled.
So, March, you came in like a lamb and went out like this . . . and now you are suggesting "April is the cruelest month."
Say, “Ahh”