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Caption Contest (Image Source: Lusus Poeticus Poetis)

Winning caption: “I distinctly remember something about ‘until death do us part’!” – Roy Frack

Image source: Lusus Poeticus Poetis (book of poetry published by English poet Edward Bendlowes in 1634).


Early anatomical engravings were revealed to be quite literal in their depiction of the “rib cage.”
Your not praying hard enough
You’re sure I’ll be safe here?
I'm so into you.
My mother says you are too codependent.
Dear Lord, I said “two tickets to the GUN SHOW, not the bone yard.”
"What are you laughing about?!"
I'm going to have to speak to the diocese about a more private confessional.
My inner-self keeps telling me to quit the diet, but I worked so hard to drop the weight. Oh, what to do, what to do.
I wish the State would tell you ahead of time that there's a VERY long wait to renew your driver's license!
"140,000 dead in the US alone? I'm SO Covid'd out!"
I know that I am always in your heart.
I pray for your soul. But I told you: you should have worn a mask.
Wow. Was that a long pregnancy or what!
Pondering about my inner child.
I distinctly remember something about "until death do us part!"
Say, I know we're pals, but I think you are taking this vegetarianism too far.
Just give me the remote.
The patent for Wee Willie's Portable Plague Chair guaranteed social distancing and priority seating for those attending public parades and festivals.
Waiting on the lakefront beaches to reopen be like . . .
I know the TSA wiil let me through.
He's really into me.
See what happens when you touch your face.