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Book repair techniques demonstrated by a Newberry conservator.

Book repair techniques demonstrated by a Newberry conservator.

Please note: this list does not constitute an endorsement of any business or individual by the Newberry or by any member of its staff. It is offered for convenience and informational purposes only.

Book Conservation

Scott K. Kellar Bookbinding and Conservation
2650 West Montrose Avenue
Chicago, Il 60618
(773) 478-2825 

Julie L. Naggs
Bookbinding, Book and Paper Conservation
(773) 975-0191

Ann Repp
(312) 494-1730

Flat Paper Conservation

The Chicago Conservation Center
400 N Wolcott Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 944-5401

Graphic Conservation
(312) 738-2657

Joel Oppenheimer
(312) 642-5300

Harriet Stratis
(312) 443-3659

Photographic Conservation

Carol Turchan
(312) 642-5035 ext. 273 

Nationwide Conservation Services Referral System (all types of materials)

Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC)
Washington, DC
(202) 452-9545

Archival Supplies (pre-made boxes, folders, sleeves, etc.)


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