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FAQ - NTC Professional Development Seminars

What are the Newberry’s Professional Development seminars for teachers like?

The Newberry Teachers’ Consortium (NTC) Professional Development seminars are content-based classroom experiences geared towards secondary educators in the humanities. Teachers certified in Illinois are encouraged to participate for credit; the Newberry is an official third-party PD provider (accredited through Lake Forest College) for the Illinois State Board of Education.

A typical seminar consists of in-depth discussions about humanities content, with special attention to classroom applications. Short pre-reading assignments will provide a jumping off point for the participants to engage with the material and each other during the session.

What is the pricing structure for NTC seminars?

This year’s offerings are billed by credit hour​. For example, one hour of credit is equal to 1 Continuing Professional Development Unit (CPDU).

The breakdown below shows our tiered pricing with accompanying rates per credit. You’ll notice that the more credits you purchase, the more bang for your buck!

Tier 1

$90 for 1.5 Credits

Tier 2

$150 for 3 Credits ($50/credit)

Tier 3

$720 for 18 Credits ($40/credit)

Tier 4

$1,260 for 36 Credits ($35/credit)

Tier 5

$1,800 for 60 Credits ($30/credit)

What are the format options for this year’s virtual PD seminars?

Due to the ever-changing public health landscape in light of the coronavirus pandemic, and in order to accommodate a variety of teaching schedules, we will offer three formats throughout the year:

Fall 2021 (October - December)

Virtual seminars (via Zoom)

1.5 hours (1.5 CPDUs)

3:30-5pm Central Time

Winter and Spring 2022 (January - April)

In-person seminars at the Newberry Library

60 W Walton St, Chicago IL 60610

3 hours (3 CPDUs)

9:30am-12:30pm Central Time

Winter and Spring 2022 (January - April)

NTC+Plus: Special All-Day PD Seminars

In-person seminars at the Newberry Library

60 W Walton St, Chicago IL 60610

5 hours (5 CPDUs)

9:30am-3:30pm Central Time

Any exceptions to these formats (for instance, a virtual Saturday session) will be noted clearly in our NTC 2021-22 Seminar Schedule

What documents do I need prior to registration?

Here are the documents to ensure a smooth registration process:

  1. NTC 2021-22 Seminar Schedule
  2. Registration Guide
  3. Pricing Guide
  4. NTC Registration Form for Administrators (optional, but recommended)

What are the topics covered in this year’s seminars?

The Newberry is proud to offer NTC seminars in the following subject areas:

  • American History
  • American Studies
  • Art History
  • Chicago Studies
  • European History
  • Geography & Environmental studies
  • LGBTQ+ History & Literature
  • Literature & Drama
  • Political Science & Economics
  • Teaching & Learning
  • World History
  • World Languages

You can explore our seminar schedule here.

What do I need to participate in a virtual NTC seminar?

In order to participate, you’ll need to be a registered participant in the seminar; to have access to an email account you check regularly; a phone, tablet, or computer, a webcam, and an internet connection.

I am a school administrator in charge of setting up PD opportunities for teachers. How do I register if I’m representing this group of teachers at a school or district?

All of the information you need is provided in the Registration Guide. You will follow instructions for “How to Create Group Registrations.”

I am an individual participant, independent contractor, retired teacher, or teacher-at-heart. How do I register for a seminar if I’m not affiliated with a school, district, or PD program?

All of the information you need is provided in the Registration Guide. You will follow instructions for “How to Register as an Individual.”

​How Do I Receive Continuing Professional Developments Units (CPDUs) for participating?

Seminar participants who would like PD credit can include their IEIN (Illinois Educator Identification Number) on their registration form. If a teacher certified in Illinois is having difficulty locating their IEIN, it can be found on ISBE.net. After you attend the entire seminar session, we will submit the paperwork to ISBE, and you will be given a copy of your proof of attendance for your own records.

Please note that in order to receive full PD credit for seminars, participants must submit their IEIN prior to the seminar and attend all seminar sessions in their entirety.

How will I receive any pre-reading materials before the seminar?

When you become officially registered for a seminar via the new online registration platform, Learning Stream, you will receive an email with a link from the Newberry’s Teacher & Student Programs to any assigned pre-readings two weeks prior to your seminar meeting date.

Will virtual PD seminars be recorded and available to watch later?

We have decided not to record virtual seminars due to a variety of concerns regarding our PD accreditation, as well privacy and consent issues for both instructors and participants.

I don’t see a seminar that fits my needs. What can I do?

We appreciate any opportunity to learn more about what the Newberry can do to support your Professional Development needs, both in terms of format and content. If you have specific suggestions, please email us at teacherprograms@newberry.org. Every piece of feedback we receive informs our future decisions for developing PD programming.

What other PD opportunities are available at the Newberry?

In addition to the Newberry Teachers’ Consortium (NTC), we are excited to offer two additional Professional Development seminar programs for teachers.

Special Seminars are sponsored by a district, school, or department for a close-knit, collaborative PD experience for a small group of teachers. Teacher Programs staff will work with individual schools or departments to develop seminars based on a topic or theme relevant to their specific Professional Development needs. The Newberry is pleased to offer half-day (3-hour) or full-day (5-hour) formats.

CPScholars is a free Professional Development program for teachers in the Chicago Public Schools. It offers intellectually stimulating, content-based seminars led by scholars from area universities and colleges. Seminar topics focus predominantly on the humanities, are related to the Newberry’s collections, and support skills emphasized by the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies.