The Newberry - Chicago's Independent Research Library Since 1887
  • Freely available under the Newberry’s open access policy, a new digital archive of 26,000 postcards from early 20th-century Britain offers users access to a fascinating trove of visual culture. Many of the postcards are “Oilettes,” reproductions of specially commissioned oil paintings reflecting various aspects of British life and imagination.

  • The Newberry’s vast dance archives take center stage in The Legacy of Chicago Dance, an exhibition surveying the city’s vibrant dance community and the ways in which a range of dance styles have not only co-existed but often converged in unexpected and creative ways.

  • Shelf Life

    In the centuries following Gutenberg’s use of the printing press, copies of his now-famous bible collected dust or suffered an even worse fate: some were dis-bound and scattered to the winds, their pages used to bind other books. Eric White, Curator of Rare Books at Princeton University Library, spoke with us about his quest to track down these fragments.

  • The Newberry and its 13 project partners are leading a year-long initiative to heighten the 1919 Chicago race riots in the city’s collective memory, engaging Chicagoans in public conversations about the legacy of the most violent week in Chicago history.

  • Source Material

    To the observer below, it may look like parts of the Newberry façade were given up on mid-construction. In fact, these “broken arches” were intentional, and they now serve as a vestige of a fascinating dispute over library design at the Newberry’s founding.