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Music – Publications about the Newberry Library Collections

Giovanni Battista Palatino. Compendio del gran volume de l'arte... 1566.

Giovanni Battista Palatino. Compendio del gran volume de l’arte… 1566. Wing ZW 535 .P171.

Arbatsky, Yury. Beating the Tupan in the Central Balkans. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1953. Call number: V 79 .042.

Bauman, Thomas. “Music Collections at the Newberry.” A Newberry Newsletter 54 (1993): 4-5. Call number: folio Z 881 .C525 N52 and photocopy in checklist area.

Borowski, Felix. “Recent Acquisitions in Music.” The Newberry Library Bulletin 5 (1950): 161-162; no.8(1952): 242-244. Call number: Z 79.N 4112 and photocopy in checklist area.

Borroff, Edith. The Fairbank Collection. Binghamton, NY: College Music Society, 1976. Call number: ML .F35 B6 in checklist area.

Brown, Howard Mayer. “Howard M. Brown Microfilm Collection Guide.” Unpublished, n.d. Call number: Ref ML 111.B82 at checklist table. Howard Mayer Brown (1930–1993), leading medieval and Renaissance musicologist of the University of Chicago, directed considerable resources to the microfilming of early music sources. This collection of manuscripts and printed works in 1,700 microfilms covers the 13th through 19th centuries, with the bulk treating the Medieval, Renaissance, and early Baroque periods (before 1700). It includes medieval chants, renaissance lute tablature, Venetian madrigals, medieval French chansons, French Renaissance songs, 16th to 17th century Italian madrigals, 18th century opera libretti, copies of opera manuscripts, 15th century missals, books of hours, and selected theatrical works. The collection is organized according to the microfilm listing Brown compiled, and is not formally cataloged.

Carlton, William Newnham Chattin. “Music Collection of the Newberry Library, Chicago.” Proceedings of the Music teachers’ National Association of 1909. N.p.: Music Teachers’ National Association, n.p. Call number: Z 584 .61875.

Castner, Richard L. “The James Francis Driscoll Collections of Historical American Sheet Music.” Unpublished, n.d. Call number: Ref Z 491 .D8 in checklist area.

Dodd, Gordon, ed. Seven Sets of Divisions for Bass Viol from the Newberry Library ‘Simpson.’ Supplemental publication 137. N.p.: Viola de Gamba Society of Great Britain, 1980. Call number: sheet music M 59 V54 S49. This publication refers to divisions for Bass Viol from the Alfred Cortot Collection, Call number Case 6A 143.

Durkee, Cara D., comp. A Selected List of Books, Including Musical Compositions, Relating to Ludwig van Beethoven. Chicago: The Orchestral Association, 1928. 12p. Call number: V 29.09609.

Floyd, Samuel A., Jr. “Black Music in the Driscoll Collection.” Black Perspective in Music 2.2 (1974): 158-171. Call number: ML 3556 .B6 and photocopy in checklist area.

Krummel, Donald W., ed. Bibliographical Inventory of the Early Music in the Newberry Library. 3 vols. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1977. Call number: Special Collections Reference Case folio ML 136 .N45.

—. “[The Music Collections at] The Newberry Library, Chicago.” Fontes Artis Musicae 16.3 (1969): 119-134. Call number: V 208 .442 and photocopy in checklist area.

—. “The ‘Schinderhannes Variations,’ ca. 1805: The First Lithographs Published in the United States.” The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 67.3 (1973): 306-309. Call number: Z 008 .085. The Newberry holds the only two known copies of the Schinderhannes Variations.

Marco, Guy. “Beginnings of the Newberry Library Music Collections: Background and Personal Influences.” Approaches to Library History, Proceedings of the Second Library History seminar, Florida State University Library School, Tallahassee, March 4, 5, and 6, 1965. Tallahassee: Journal of Library History, 1966: 165-181. Call number: 5A 25.

Morison, Stanley. “Some New Light on Verini.” The Newberry Library Bulletin 3.2 (1953): 41-45. Call number: Z 79.N 4112 and photocopy in checklist area.

Newberry Library. “Arbatsky Collection.” The Newberry Library Bulletin 3.6 (1954): 170-176. Call number: Z 79.N 4112 and photocopy in checklist area. This article describes the collection of Dr. Yury Arbatsky, composer, musicologist, and authority on the music and customs of the Balkan rural population.

—. “Armed Services Music Loan Section: Catalog of Choral Music.” Unpublished, 1943. 13p. Call number: 6A 1563.

—. “Classification for Music: V & v.” Unpublished, 1964. Call number: shelved in checklist area.

—. Exhibition of Musical Books and Manuscripts at the Newberry Library. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1909. Call number: folio v 2.62 and folio v 2.62a.

—. “An Introduction to the Driscoll Collection of the Newberry Library.” Unpublished, n.d. Call number: Z 491. D8 in checklist area.

—. “Inventory of the Janet Fairbank Collection.” Unpublished, n.d. 41p. Call number: folio ML 88.F35 N4. PDF version.

—. “Newberry’s Bernard Wilson Donates Mozart Collection.” A Newberry Newsletter 27 (1982): 3. Call number: folio Z 881.C525 N52 and photocopy in checklist area. This collection is comprised of books about Mozart.

—. “Recent Acquisitions to the Music Collection.” in The Newberry Library Bulletin (semi-regular feature). Call number: Z 79.N 4112.

—. “Resources for the Study of the C.S.O. [Chicago Symphony Orchestra] at the Newberry Library.” Unpublished, 1991. 4p. Call number: Overview of Modern Manuscripts Collection binder, shelved in checklist area.

Pavlakis, Christopher, comp. The American Music Handbook. New York: Free Press, 1974. 836p. Call number: Ref ML 13 P39.

Slim, H. Colin. A Gift of Madrigals and Motets for Henry VIII. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1972. Call number: folio M 2 .N5.

Wilson, Bernard E., ed. Dictionary Catalog of Early American Sheet Music in the Newberry Library. 3 vols. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1983. Call number: Ref folio ML 136 C55 N48 1983a in checklist area. The material in this catalog has been selected largely from a collection assembled by Francis J. Driscoll.

—. “Music at the Newberry Library: Report to the Bibliographical Committee, December 1970, The Newberry Library, Chicago.” Unpublished, 1971. Call number: photocopy in the Guide to the Collections, shelved in Reference.