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Newberry 125 Events

Virgin of the Rosary Book Box.

The Newberry’s 125th anniversary (or, as it’s fondly referred to around the library’s halls, quasquicentennial) has inspired a number of commemorative events that, in accord with one of the basic tenets of the Newberry ethos, are open to the public. Browse the list of upcoming anniversary-related or anniversary-inspired events below, and celebrate 125 years of service with us. 

Upcoming Events

Realizing the Newberry Idea, 1887-2012

Explore the 125-year evolution of the Newberry from its 1887 opening as a “Library of Reference” to its 2012 presence as a renowned research institution and “center for the humanities” that remains free and open to the public. 

The Newberry 125 Exhibition

The Newberry celebrates its quasquicentennial with a can’t-miss exhibition of 125 of the millions of books, maps, manuscript pages, drawings, and photographs in its collection.

Ernest Hemingway in Chicago

It is an article of faith that Ernest Hemingway’s expatriate experience in post-World War I Paris shaped him into the writer we recognize today. But what of the formative years he spent in Chicago in the early 1920s? According to Liesl Olson, Director of the Newberry’s William M. Scholl Center for American History and Culture, Chicago was not only where Hemingway cut his literary teeth, but exemplified the contradictions that defined the entire modernist literary movement. This lecture is part of the Newberry 125 Exhibition Lecture Series.