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Newberry Document Cam Video series launches

Curator Jill Gage explains a manuscript copybook via the Newberry's Document Cam

Jill Gage, the Custodian of the John M. Wing Foundation on the History of Printing, explains a manuscript copybook via the Newberry’s Document Cam.

This summer the Newberry launched an exciting new video series presented on Twitter - #NLDocumentCam. Utilizing technology in our newly-renovated first floor, Newberry staff and fellows explore collection items using an overhead document camera, allowing for turning of pages and explorations of the materiality of items in depth. Videos are less than two minutes.

Four videos have been produced so far. Christopher Fletcher from the Newberry’s Center for Renaissance Studies explains a 15th-century manuscript copy of a St. Thomas Aquinas text that is still contained in its original chain binding to prevent its theft. Curator Suzanne Karr-Schmidt describes an elaborate and florid 17th century Austrian patent of nobility written to Leopold I of the Holy Roman Empire. Curator Jill Gage explores a late 17th or early 18th century manuscript copybook by James Oldham, Jr., to show off his skill with a pen. Finally, Newberry Fellow Jennifer Park looks at a set of 19th-century geographic playing cards that sit at the intersection of cartography, diversion, and British imperialism.

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