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Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grants

Esther Inglish, A New Yeeres guift, 1606, Wing MS ZW 645 .K29

Esther Inglish. A New Yeeres Guift. 1606. Wing MS ZW 645 .K29

Faculty and graduate students from Center for Renaissance Studies consortium institutions may be eligible to apply for travel funding to participate in Center for Renaissance Studies programs or to conduct research at the Newberry Library. Recipients of these funds may include the award on their curriculum vitae as a “Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grant.”

Funding may also be available to attend programs sponsored by or to do research at the Folger Shakespeare Library. These awards may be listed on CVs as a “Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grant for seminar participation/research at the Folger Institute.” Please see our Folger Agreement for more details.

Each member institution sets its own policies, requirements, and deadlines for granting funds; some may limit eligibility to specific departments, colleges, or other units within the university. Contact your consortium faculty representative in advance of incurring any expenses for details and authorization.


Consortium grants may be paid out in two ways:

  • Reimbursement of expenses after travel/program is completed (preferred by the Newberry business office, and less likely to be a taxable event).
  • Advance stipend paid before expenses have been incurred, requiring follow-up documentation after the event/program has been completed. Note that advance stipends are treated as taxable income.

Complete details about how to request either reimbursements or advance stipends are available here.

NOTE: Whatever option you choose, you must submit:

Please submit all reimbursement or advance stipend requests via email at For additional security when sending sensitive personal information, you may send your documentation via the encrypted file-sharing service WeTransfer (direct all transfers to

Payment will typically be made by check (see exceptions described in the processes below), which should arrive within 2-4 weeks after we receive all of your documentation and process your grant request.

Tax Issues

Depending on many factors, reimbursements and stipends may be considered taxable income; if so, the Newberry will send the recipient a 1099 at the end of the year in accordance with federal law. Keep copies of any receipts and contact a tax preparation professional for advice.