Observations New NTC Coordinator Charlotte Wolfe | Newberry

Observations New NTC Coordinator Charlotte Wolfe

It is hard to believe that I’ve been at the Newberry Library for two months already. The time has flown by with preparing for, and hosting over 10 NTC seminars. Working with NTC has been a great experience; I just wish I had the time to sit in on all of the seminars, Even when I can only catch the first ten minutes of a seminar, I always learn something interesting. In Tim Libretti’s seminar on the Richard Wright/Zora Neal Hurston debate, the discussion of the historical forces that shape what has qualified as literature at different points in time was particularly illuminating. One of the best things about the seminars is meeting all of the dedicated teachers that come to the Newberry ready to learn. To all of the NTC participants: What is the best NTC seminar you’ve ever attended, and what topics would you really like to see an NTC seminar about? We want to hear from you! Charlotte Wolfe, NTC Program Coordinator


I heard that the Newberry Library has an original part of the Mayan Popol Vuh. I would love to attend a seminar on the stories from the Popol Vuh.
I am looking forward my seminar From the Mexican Revolution to the Zapatistas. I started reading the materials. I will not be able to read it all but so far I have enjoyed the "Quixote" approach to los zapatistas!
I am looking forward to attending the upcoming 3/6 Crusades seminar. It might be worthwhile to have the presenter review the material that was presented at last year's History Channel seminar on a similar topic (which I attended and enjoyed). To the extent that this year's seminar can consciously cover different material, that would be great.
I am also looking forward to the seminar on the Crusades. I am interested in making a clear connection for my students between the Crusades and world/religious relations between people today. The title of the seminar covers all the interesting aspects that I look forward to learning more about.

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