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Posters for Sale

The Newberry is pleased to offer exhibition posters and poster-sized reproductions for sale. To order, please contact the Digital Imaging Services Department at, or write to:

Digital Imaging Services
The Newberry
60 West Walton Street
Chicago, IL 60610

All posters are $6.00 unless otherwise noted below. Shipping is $7.95 in the continental U.S. If you require shipping outside the continental U.S., please ask for a quote.

A Map of Chicago’s gangland from authentic sources: designed to inculcate the most important principles of piety and virtue in young persons, and graphically portray the evils and sin of large cities
19”h x 24.5”w
Bruce Roberts (1931)
Newberry Call Number: Map +G 10896.548

$19.95 plus shipping

Map of Chicago gang locations showing Little Italy, Little Sicily, Cicero, Capone Territory, Westside O’Donnell Territory, Stickney, Saltis Territory, Southside O’Donnell Territory, Little Africa. Numbers in red circles give the sequence of important events in Chicago’s gangland war. Insets include: Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, lawyer running to spring his client, an armored car, bootleggers stealing wheels from prohibition cars, machine gunners arriving from Detroit, World’s Fair grounds of 1933, police tipping over a speakeasy.

From Forest To Park: America’s Heritage of Trees
24”h x 18”w
Edward James Ravenscroft, The Pinetum Britannicum, 1884
Newberry Call Number: Case Oversize W765 .733
Mexico Illustrado
20”h x 24”w
“The Castillo, Chichen Itza”
Artist: Ralph Fletcher Seymour
Newberry Call Number: Ayer Art Seymour
Patience is that virtue…
17”h x 25”w
Quotation from Chaucer
Calligrapher: Edward M. Catich, 1973
Newberry Call Number: Case Wing Oversize ZY983 .C364
The Chapbook
19 1/2”h x 14”w
Poster by Claude Bragdon, 1896
Newberry Call Number: Modern MS Stone and Kimball
Globe Gore of Eastern North America
19”h x 12”w
By: Coronelli
Newberry Call Number: Temp map 2f G3301 .A71 1691. C6 197- .S6

Rand McNally & Co.’s Bird’s Eye View of the World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago, USA, 1893
19”h x 24”w
By: Rand McNally & Co., 1892
Original property of William Blair & Company, printed with permission

Paper Trails: Maps, Highways, and American Journeys in the Twentieth Century
20”h x 28”w
(cover) Motor, June 1921
Rand McNally Archives, uncataloged