Religious Change and Print, 1450-1700 | Newberry

Religious Change and Print, 1450-1700

Religious Change and Print, 1450-1700 explores the intersection of religion and print culture during the early modern period. Based on a physical exhibition displayed at the Newberry Library this autumn, and designed to coincide with the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s publication of the 95 theses, this digital resource tells the story of how changes in print culture and religion transformed the medieval into the modern world. Told through the eyes of those who experienced these changes - clergy and laity, princes and people, travelers and traders - the site presents and discusses over 150 objects from the Newberry’s collection, from polyglot bibles, richly illuminated manuscripts, and Italian broadsides, to papal indulgences, guides for inquisitors, and a book of magical spells.

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