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Renaissance Center - Graduate Seminar Application

Please complete the form below. We will contact you within one week after the application deadline.

Students may take Newberry seminars for credit or on a not-for-credit basis. In either case, all prospective students must complete the Newberry enrollment form below.

In addition to enrolling with the Newberry, students who wish to obtain credit for a Newberry seminar must also register for a class at their home institutions. Some universities in the Chicago area have a permanent course listed for this purpose. For other schools, students need to arrange an independent study with a professor at their school.

Advanced graduate students who are finished with coursework may take seminars on a not-for-credit basis, space permitting, but they are expected to complete all readings and coursework and to participate fully in the seminar. They must still complete the form below.

Faculty auditing is also encouraged when space permits; faculty members must also complete the form below.

Graduate students and faculty at consortium schools may be eligible to apply for travel funds to participate in Newberry seminars.

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