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Semifinals: Pop Culture Library Bracket

We’re now in the semifinals of the Pop Culture Library Bracket. Browse the matchups below and vote for the contenders you think should advance to the semifinals.

Semifinals voting is now closed, and the winners are listed below. We’ve tallied votes from three different polls: the Newberry website, Twitter, and Instagram.

Voting for the final round will begin at noon on Saturday, April 25.

Hogwarts Library vs. Beast’s Library

WINNER: Hogwarts (69% of the total vote)

Taystee Jefferson vs. Rupert Giles

WINNER: Giles (64%)


This was fun; but I still think that Terry Pratchett's Library (and Librarian!!) from the Discworld series, and Umberto Eco's labyrinthine library and its sinister guardian would have proved to more interesting challenges to the current contenders...
Can't seem to vote. is this Chicago rules?

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