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Annual Fund

Sun shines on the architectural details of the front facade.

Sun shines on the architectural details of the front facade.

Support the Newberry’s Annual Fund

The Newberry relies on gifts to the Annual Fund to help support the efforts of our renowned librarians, curators, and program staff. Such contributions enable us to conserve our collections and make them accessible through assisting our readers and offering lectures, seminars, exhibits, and other public programs to the thousands of people who utilize the library each year. The generosity of our Annual Fund donors ensures that the Newberry continues to be a vital and dynamic place, free and open to all who possess an interest in the humanities.

We hope you will support our efforts and Donate Now by making a gift to the Annual Fund. You can make a one-time gift or you can spread your contribution out over the course of the year by making a monthly gift.

All donors to the Newberry Annual Fund receive our monthly e-Newsletter and our Newberry Seminars catalog describing our Adult Education Seminars. Donors of $50 or more become members of the Newberry Associates, and those who give $1,500 or more are recognized as President’s Fellows.

To learn more about how you can support the Newberry through the Annual Fund or about the Newberry Associates or President’s Fellows, contact Sarah Alger at (312) 255-3544.

In addition, you can continue your membership in the Associates or President’s Fellows in perpetuity by making an unrestricted gift to the Newberry through Estate Gifts, which would also enable you to join the Blatchford Society.

If you are thinking of making or have already made arrangements to support the Newberry through your estate, contact Sarah Alger at (312) 255-3544 or to learn about giving options or the Blatchford Society.