Chief Charles Hicks' syllabary, 1825
The McNickle Center Prepares for Scholarly...
Newberry Welcomes Librarians from Myanmar
A Morning with Dr. David McDonald, CG
The 30th Annual Newberry Book Fair
Chief Charles Hicks' syllabary, 1825
Chief Charles Hicks' syllabary, 1825
The McNickle Center Prepares for Scholarly Programs

This July and August, graduate students from the 20 colleges and universities composing the Newberry Consortium in American Indian Studies (NCAIS) will participate in the summer institute “Recording the Native Americas: Indigenous Speech, Representation, and the Politics of Writing.” The month-long event commences the D'Arcy McNickle Center's scholarly programs under the direction of Patricia Marroquin Norby.

Newberry Welcomes Librarians from Myanmar

On July 7 four librarians from Myanmar, along with two Northern Illinois University (NIU) professors, visited the Newberry. NIU, which has a strong Southeast Asia studies program and the only Center for Burma Studies in the United States, has been active in forging partnerships with academic and cultural institutions in Myanmar as the country emerges from decades of military rule.

A Morning with Dr. David McDonald, CG : Newberry Fall Genealogy Workshop
Saturday 9/6

Join us for a morning with Dr. David McDonald, CG. Dave has nearly 40 years’ genealogical research experience and has more than 30 years’ experience as a lecturer and teacher in the field. Dave’s formative years were spent in Buffalo Grove and he has been a frequent user of the Newberry’s collections since 1979.

The 30th Annual Newberry Book Fair
Thursday 7/24 to Sunday 7/27

The Newberry is thrilled to celebrate its 30th year of Book Fair, one of the largest used-book sales in the country.

Core Collections

Gramhart, Allemodisch Stambuch, Newberry Wing ZP 647. R755, f.15r.

Medieval, Renaissance, and Early Modern Studies

A collection rich in printed and manuscript sources from 1300 to 1800, with strengths in Western Europe and the Americas.

Gaylord Watson, Chicago Fire Map. 1871.

Chicago and the Midwest

The collections contain extensive materials on the history of Chicago and the Midwest, including its growth, politics, and eclectic inhabitants.

American History and Culture

The Newberry has deep collections reflecting the breadth of American history and culture through World War One.

Marbling on binding by Norma Rubovits.

History of the Book

The Newberry’s collection on the history of printing and the book arts is one of the world’s leading collections in its field.      

From the Stacks

A Book Fair Find Enters the Collection

Willis Fletcher Johnson

The Newberry holds two editions of this work in the Edward E. Ayer Collection, as one might expect in a renowned collection on the history and culture of American Indians. But a third copy was recently added to the Newberry’s John M. Wing Foundation on the History of Printing, for its relevance as an artifact of the publishing industry.

Life and Theft in Bughouse Square

Wallace Willits/John Drury

John Drury was a writer for the Chicago Daily News, from 1926 to 1944. He often covered Chicago street life. In compiling notes for “Towertown,” an unpublished inventory of the near north side, Drury typed out the length of an article by Wallace Willits, as if performing a ritual of historical memory. Willits’s piece, printed October 4, 1921, in the Daily News, celebrates Bughouse Square (officially, Washington Square Park), located directly across the street from the Newberry Library.