The Newberry - Chicago's Independent Research Library Since 1887
  • On Display Now
    September 23 - December 31

    Open September 23 - December 31, Creating Shakespeare is an exhibition exploring the Bard’s creative process as well as the creativity of the countless writers, printers, actors, musicians, and artists who have re-contextualized, re-imagined, and re-invented his work over the past 400 years.

  • Thursday, September 29

    From Hamlet to Macbeth, Shakespeare’s use of equivocation speaks volumes. In Hamlet, the word carries the neutral meaning of ambiguous; in Macbeth, it becomes more sinister, suggesting deceit and foul play. In a free lecture Thursday, September 29, James Shapiro will trace the strange history of this resonant word.

  • From the Stacks

    Opposition to the culture of dueling preceded the infamous Hamilton-Burr duel of 1804, and it intensified in the wake of the duel’s stunning result. The Newberry’s collection contains a number of items representing both sides of the debate.

  • The Newberry’s website has been re-launched, with enhanced features including a larger map and scholarly articles on researching Chicago history and genealogy. ChicagoAncestors is a free online tool for mapping historical data about Chicago, from the city’s transportation system and religious institutions to its neighborhoods and public spaces.