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  • From the Stacks

    While political figures today clash over their differing interpretations of the U.S. Constitution, there was a time when the very legitimacy of the document was up for debate. A newly acquired manuscript from 1787 preserves a forgotten voice from the losing side of this fight over ratification.

  • October 27 - 29

    Later this month, the Newberry’s Nebenzahl Lectures celebrate their 50th anniversary with a retrospective on cartographic scholarship as it has evolved since the first series in 1966. Over the years, cartography has flourished and come to influence nearly every field within the humanities, thanks in part to the impact of the lecture series.

  • The Curt Teich Postcard Archives Collection, widely regarded as the largest public collection of postcards in the U.S., will be transferred to the Newberry from the Lake County Discovery Museum over the next six months. Representing a century of American visual culture, the collection features a range of subjects aligning with the strengths of the Newberry’s holdings.

  • On Display Now
    September 23 - December 31

    Open September 23 - December 31, Creating Shakespeare is an exhibition exploring the Bard’s creative process as well as the creativity of the countless writers, printers, actors, musicians, and artists who have re-contextualized, re-imagined, and re-invented his work over the past 400 years.