Event—McNickle Center

2018 NCAIS Graduate Conference


NCAIS graduate students are invited to present papers in any academic field relating to American Indian and Indigenous Studies.

2018 NCAIS Graduate Conference participants included:

Katharine Williams (University of New Mexico)

Alana Faagai (University of Las Vegas)

Molli Pauliot (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Randizia Crisostomo (University of Washington)

Summer Sutton (Yale University)

Michael Albani (Michigan State University)

Sarah Sadlier (Harvard University)

Caitrin Scarlett Engle (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Victoria Funk (University of Oklahoma)

Franchesca Hebert-Spence (University of Winnipeg)

Agleska Cohen-Rencountre (University of Minnesota)

Bruno Seraphin (Cornell University)

Bethany Eby (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

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