The Newberry - Chicago's Independent Research Library Since 1887
  • Chicago’s most colossal used-book extravaganza is upon us! In addition to your favorite prestige and pulp fiction, this year’s sale includes books in some 70 other categories, from cookbooks and children’s literature to history and political science. 

  • The Bughouse Square Debates are a carnival of hot takes and 15-minute jeremiads. Speakers mount soapboxes throughout Washington Square Park to share their views on anything from education to vegetarianism. In the end, one speaker remains standing as the Dill Pickle Champion Soapboxer.

  • We’re thrilled to share the details of a major renovation that will transform our historic main floor by providing visitors with new opportunities to interact with our collection and staff. Consisting of both new and redesigned spaces, the renovation includes an information center, a permanent exhibition gallery, and an expanded bookstore.

  • “Shelf Life” is a podcast about the humanities–and the humans behind them. Each episode features a new conversation with the Newberry staff, fellows, and other readers who bring our world-famous collection to life. We hope you’ll subscribe via iTunes or listen on our website as we release a new episode every three weeks!