Event—Center for Renaissance Studies

2019-2020 Dissertation Seminar for Scholars of Religion and Politics


Meeting four times over the year, this seminar aims to form an interdisciplinary community of graduate students in the early stages of writing their dissertations, with an eye toward examining
the ways in which religion and politics shaped thought, society, and culture from the Middle Ages to the early modern period (c. 500 to 1700) through a variety of perspectives, sources, and theoretical
approaches. We welcome students writing dissertations that focus on either religion or politics, or on the multi-faceted relationship between the two.

The seminar is limited to 12 participants, but is open to all graduate students in the early stages of their dissertation who have written at least a proposal and/or first chapter. Students need not be ABD.

Learn more about the instructors: Ellen McClure, University of Illinois at Chicago and Jonathan Lyon, University of Chicago.