Event—Center for Renaissance Studies

Adventures in Libraries: Thoughts on Epistemology


This virtual roundtable will reflect on the best practices and scholarly possibilities of the vital field of manuscript studies. As one of the pillars of the study of the medieval past, disciplines such as paleography and codicology will play a significant role in shaping the future of medieval studies, especially in an age of increasing digitization and calls for more accessibility. This roundtable conversation will respond to Ralph Hanna's pre-recorded talk, "Adventures in Libraries: Thoughts on Epistemology," Prof. Hanna's talk focuses on the lessons learned from his career studying medieval manuscripts and the stories of those who made, used, and collected them. This roundtable will continue this conversation; panelists will share their own adventures in libraries and consider the paths ahead for the next generations of manuscript scholars.

Before the event, we strongly encourage all attendees to view Prof. Hanna's lecture here.


Ralph Hanna, Keble College, Oxford
Ian Cornelius, Loyola University-Chicago
Tamar Evangelestia-Dougherty, Cornell University
Michael Kuczynski, Tulane University
Elizaveta Strakhov, Marquette University
J. Eric Ensley, University of Iowa