Angelica Duran, Purdue University, and Mario Murgia, National Autonomous University of Mexico


An Introduction to Global Milton and Visual Art, Angelica Duran and Mario Murgia

The objectives of the co-edited volume Global Milton and Visual Art are to advance the conversation about the presence, aesthetic appropriation, and re-interpretation of John Milton (1608-74) as visual art. Co-editors Angelica Duran and Mario Murgia will present their “Introduction: Things Visible,” which provides the historical context and theoretical approach for the visual art that Milton’s works and legend have prompted for over three centuries. It describes “Part I: Panoramas,” comprised of two chapters that provide overviews and contexts; “Part II: Textual Cameos,” comprised of three chapters on the varied afterlives, including music-video reworkings, of widely-circulating illustrations of Paradise Lost, e.g. those by French illustrator Gustave Doré; “Part III: Textual Close-ups,” comprised of four chapters on a variety of textual illustration, author-portrait, book illustration, and graphic novel; and “Part IV: Ex libris [Out of the Library],” comprised of five chapters on non-printed visual media: word-art, stained glass, the Milton Shield, painting, statuary, and film.