Event—Scholarly Seminars

Angelica Duran, Purdue University, and Mario Murgia, National Autonomous University of Mexico


An Introduction to Global Milton and Visual Art, Angelica Duran and Mario Murgia

The objectives of the co-edited volume Global Milton and Visual Art are to advance the conversation about the presence, aesthetic appropriation, and re-interpretation of John Milton (1608-74) as visual art. Co-editors Angelica Duran and Mario Murgia will present their “Introduction: Things Visible,” which provides the historical context and theoretical approach for the visual art that Milton’s works and legend have prompted for over three centuries. It describes “Part I: Panoramas,” comprised of two chapters that provide overviews and contexts; “Part II: Textual Cameos,” comprised of three chapters on the varied afterlives, including music-video reworkings, of widely-circulating illustrations of Paradise Lost, e.g. those by French illustrator Gustave Doré; “Part III: Textual Close-ups,” comprised of four chapters on a variety of textual illustration, author-portrait, book illustration, and graphic novel; and “Part IV: Ex libris [Out of the Library],” comprised of five chapters on non-printed visual media: word-art, stained glass, the Milton Shield, painting, statuary, and film.