Event—Public Programming

Canceled - Carto-Caricatures of the Midwest


The Newberry and the Chicago Map Society have been closely monitoring developments related to COVID-19. To aid Chicago's efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, this program has been canceled. Please visit www.newberry.org/covid19 for more information and for regular updates regarding Newberry operations.

The Midwest is a region that’s difficult to define, especially to those that reside outside of America’s heartland. What states are included? Does the idea of the Midwest change over time? What does it mean to be Midwestern? Fellow CMS member Amanda Murphyao explores possible definitions of the region in her presentation on carto-caricatures of the Midwest. Using cartographic examples from atlases, popular culture and political cartoons, Amanda will address various approaches for defining the Midwest as a distinct region; separate from the East, Central, and Southern states.

Note: This meeting will be our annual Business Meeting.