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Colin Benert, University of Chicago


Die heilige Cäcilie, oder die Gewalt der Musik, or the Two Bodies of German Music

Colin Benert

Die heilige Cäcilie, oder die Gewalt der Musik, or the Two Bodies of German Music

Colin Benert, University of Chicago

In this paper I present a reading of Kleist’s tale from 1810 in order to introduce a larger research topic, namely the biopolitical significance of music in German-speaking countries in the long 19th century. The paper first examines the peculiar conjunction of music, revolution and communion in this Fronleichnam-story as an indication of the epochal alignment of the musical sublime with the Body of the people (Volkskörper). Then I outline how the tale anticipates the essential tension or polarity in musical biopolitics in the 19th century, namely between the participatory or ‘liberal’ model of the musical Body, exhibited by the growth of choral associations, and the metaphysical or ‘authoritarian’ model, in which music reveals the sublime Volkskörper to a passive audience.


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