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Cosmopolitan Early Modern Venice

Edward Muir and Kaya Sahin

Edward Muir and Kaya Sahin

Edward Muir and Kaya Sahin

Giovanni Merlo, Venice, 1676. Newberry Novacco 4F 288.

Venice during the early modern era expanded its position as a major crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa. A commercial powerhouse, the independent republic mediated between Roman, Protestant, and Byzantine Christian as well as Islamic lands. Despite the often profound religious animosities between the Muslim and Christian worlds, the Ottomans and Venetians displayed an unusually cosmopolitan attitude toward the culture, language, and faith of each other.

Edward Muir and Kaya Sahin will discuss the unique role played by Venice during this great era of religious change.

This program is part of Religious Change, 1450 - 1700, a multidisciplinary project exploring how religion and print made the medieval world modern. The project is generously supported by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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