Event—Public Programming

Decision 1920: A Return to "Normalcy"


In this exhibition, you are a voter faced with making an important choice in a moment of profound change.

A global war followed by a global pandemic has brought the United States into a deeper relationship with the rest of the world. On the home front, long campaigns for national prohibition and women's suffrage seem to have reached their end while, in the previous summer, unrest around race, immigration, and the economy show that challenges that have existed since the founding of the republic remain unresolved.

What direction do you chose? Forward into a new decade or a return to the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century?

Learn about the issues, meet the candidates, experience the campaigns, and cast your ballot. Decision 1920 offers a choice where the stakes are big and the consequences real.

Decision 1920 is part of the recurring From the Stacks exhibition series, generously supported by Joan and William Brodsky.

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